Can You Claim Against Misinformed High Risk Investments?

High risk investment schemes are often promoted and sold as niche opportunities with the promise of high returns. In a high percentage of instances, these opportunities are pushed by financial advisers who desire high commission for such transactions when in fact their actions can cost people their life savings which in a lot of cases are their pension pots.

The consequences for individuals who have been wrongly advised to make a high-risk investment can often be that the investment does not provide them with the high returns they were expecting, and/or they may suffer a permanent loss.

As you can imagine, this can have particularly damaging outcomes for those who have invested their retirement savings. Whilst it is always important to ensure that you understand and accept the financial decisions, if you were mis-sold investments or provided with misleading advice about how an investment would perform, you may be able to claim compensation for the loss you have suffered as a result of this advice.

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Are You a Victim of Investment Mis-Selling?

Listed below are numerous examples of common scenarios resulting in investment mis-selling:

  • Where you have not been properly advised about the risks of certain decisions and you therefore make a poor, uninformed decision as a result.


  • When you have been told to heavily invest or in other words invest all or most of your savings in a single product or choice.


  • Where you buy a legitimate investment, but the product is far too complicated for you to fully understand or is not suitable for your circumstances.


  • If you have purchased an investment without being properly advised of the risks or with the risks omitted, without fully understanding the product, with being provided with misleading information or have been sold a product which is not suitable for your circumstances you may be able to claim compensation for any financial loss you have suffered that is associated with this advice.

What is a High Risk Investment?

Whilst all investments require a degree of risk, a high-risk investment has an increased chance of underperformance and the losses can be great if the investment does not perform as intended.
Examples of this include:
  • Heavily structured products with return depending on a strict set of rules, making it difficult to understand its performance.


  • Land banking is very risky too. With land banking, you invest in a plot of land which may not be granted planning permission.


  • Unregulated collective investment schemes (UCIS). This refers to when the assets you have invested in are not regulated.


  • Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs). With the new company you put money into, there is no guarantee that the money you put in will perform. Plus it can take years to see positive results, if at all


  • Spread betting is, in effect, a gamble and is a highly risky choice.


  • Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are similar to spread betting,. With contracts for difference you may actually lose more than your initial risk.


  • Toxic investment, as demonstrated by its name are dangerous, unregulated and could result in you losing all your money.

If you think or know that you have invested in any of the above types of schemes and your financial adviser did not thoroughly warn you of the risks involved, you may have been mis-sold a high-risk investment and may be eligible to compensation.

We Can Help You Claim Compensation for Unsuitable Investments

After reading the above, if you believe you have been mis-sold investments by a financial adviser or organisation, we are equipped to help. Our team of experts have experience with helping people claim compensation.

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